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Auto criticism allows one to verify if what he/she accomplishes is in line with God’s will. This statement was made by the Speaker of the National Assembly during the Sunday service of March 5, 2023 at Israel Church Burundi under the theme: "Fulfilling God’s will is of individual, national and global interest". And the Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe asked: "If you examine your conscience, what do you find? Are you really to do something for your neighbor, your family and the nation? Think about it! "

Furthermore, the Speaker of the Lower Chamber of the Burundian Parliament recommended to carry out well the task given without expecting something in return, because one day there is a reward. "God knows how to arrange things and from there you are rewarded by the one to whom you have done well. Do what you have to do willingly, you will be blessed," he advised before calling on Christians to help the poor, widows and orphans.

The Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe commented at the end of Apostle Vital Nzubahimana’s preaching, which was centered on the biblical verses from John 5, 9-12 ; Genesis 12, 1-3 ; and Matthew 25, 31-46.
According to this preacher, the world today needs to be nourished by the word of God since it is the word that transforms the lives of men. Every Christian, he suggested, is called to fulfil the will of God while focusing on the following three pillars:
1. To have the vision of discovering who you are. According to Apostle Vital Nzubahimana, this vision allows man to take giant steps forward;
2. To know how to do what others have not yet done. On that, he ordered everyone to work hard for the development of the country. "We are in the time of working, to devote ourselves to the development and we must do it to the point of impressing those who always denigrate Burundi by saying that it is the least developed country in the world", mentioned the preacher of the day;
3. To remain engaged in God’s plan. God indeed has many projects for man to carry out while He keeps him always alive. A man is thus called to exercise what pleases God, he implored.
It should be noted that the Speaker of the National Assembly was surrounded by the MPs elected in the constituency of Bujumbura municipality.

Assemblée Nationale du Burundi
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