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National Day dedicated to Local Solidarity, 2023 Edition

publie le Friday 4 August 2023
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

"By working together, we can help the most vulnerable to escape poverty and build a more prosperous future".
This was the wish of the Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe, Speaker of the National Assembly of Burundi, on the National Day dedicated to Local Solidarity, which he enhanced with his presence at his native village of Ruvumu, located in the Matongo Commune of Kayanza Province, Friday, August 4, 2023.

For the Speaker of the Lower Chamber of Parliament, it is our duty to support the most vulnerable populations who are facing considerable socio-economic challenges. Despite our tireless efforts to combat poverty, it remains a persistent problem. It is imperative that we remain united in our endeavor and use solidarity as a means to address this issue. By working together, we can create a more effective and sustainable solution. It is important to recognize that poverty is a complex issue that requires a multi-faceted approach. Through a collaborative effort, we can make a significant impact and improve the lives of those affected by poverty," he added.
He emphasized that the villages are the solid foundations of Burundian society in terms of sustainable community development.

The Speaker of the Lower Chamber of Burundian Parliament also reminded his audience that the day dedicated to local solidarity in villages is a time to show generosity and compassion towards those in need, a historic custom of support and solidarity that has always characterised the Burundian people of years past. He donated BIF 2 million as a gesture of solidarity and social responsibility towards the most vulnerable people at his native village.

Among the different types of assistance collected, food which tends to deteriorate rapidly was distributed immediately to the underprivileged before the end of the event.
Burundi’s National Day of Local Solidarity is an annual event held on the first weekend of August to promote solidarity and mutual aid between local communities throughout the country. This day is an opportunity for Burundians to get together and help the most disadvantaged in order to strengthen social cohesion.

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