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publie le Sunday 16 July 2023
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

Nearly BIF 8 million was the sum donated to the Emmanuel Church in Matongo, Kayanza province by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Saturday, July15, 2023, as a gesture of goodwill to make his contribution to that church under construction.
In essence, the Speaker of the National Assembly gave 150 bags of cement and 45 concrete reinforcing bars costing a total of BIF 6,939,000. Additionally, a sum of one million Burundi francs was allocated to pay the workforce.

A promise is a debt, they say. The Right Honourable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe made this act to honor a commitment he made on April 23, 2023, when he took part in Sunday service at the church.
There is still a long way to go for the Emmanuel Church in Matongo, which has not yet been cemented. As a result, the Speaker of the National Assembly deemed his contribution to be modest. But be that as it may, he reassured, he will do his best to fundraise for that project.

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