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Health, an essential factor of development

publie le Tuesday 9 May 2023
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

"The health condition of a population has a great influence on the development of a country", said the Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Abel Gashatsi, Saturday, May 6, 2023, during his speech held at the end of the community development work carried out jointly with the population of Kabezi commune in Bujumbura province, at Kabezi District Hospital,

These activities consisted in bringing sand and gravel near the plot of land on which will be erected the extension buildings of the hospital in order to increase the medical staff offices and the patients rooms.

In his address, Hon. Abel Gashatsi said that by joining the population of Kabezi, he implements the vision of H.E. the President of the Republic of Burundi, as part of his program to make the Community Development Work our routine. In fact, every weekend, all the senior officials of the country are called to go to all corners of the country to inquire themselves about the situation of the projects of their constituents in terms of development.

The Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly calls on the population of Kabezi to observe the methods of birth control so that the vision of Burundi as an emerging country in 2040 and developed in 2060 becomes a reality. "Every citizen should ask himself before having a child if he is able to feed him, pay his school fees and ensure his health care, he advised.

Delighted by the massive participation of the population in those activities, the Honorable Abel Gashatsi concluded his speech by inviting the population and the administrators to respect each other and avoid any act of discrimination. He did not miss to remind the population to keep at heart that our diversity is wealth for the nation.

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