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Election of new commissioners for Truth and Reconciliation Commission, « CVR in French »

publie le mardi 11 octobre 2022
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

13 new commissioners of « CVR » were elected in turn by secret voting during the plenary session of October 7, 2022.
Composed of seven members from the Hutu ethnic group, five from the Tutsi ethnic group and one from the Twa ethnic group, these 13 commissioners were selected among 39 candidates and interviewed before proceeding to their vote under the supervision of the President of the National Assembly, the Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe.

As prescribed by Law No. 1/022 of November 6, 2016 amending Law No. 1/18 of 15 September 2014 on the establishment, mandate, composition, organization and functioning of the « CVR » and Joint Interior Instruction No. 130/PAN/004 and No. SNB/CP/020 of 22/08/2022, a joint and parity commission was set up by their Excellencies the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Speaker of the Senate, with a view to proceeding with the pre-selection of candidate commissioners.

In order to successfully carry out this mission, the ad hoc committee adopted a plan of activities in the form of a timeline and divided the pre-selection procedure into seven stages.

Besides checking the conformity of the application files to see if they are complete or not according to the criteria defined in the call for application ; drawing up a marking sheet according to the criteria and the actual marking. The commission also agreed on the number of candidates and the % of points to be considered in order to draw up a list of candidates required to compete for the posts, carry out a morality investigation, interview the pre-selected candidates and finally move on to the deliberation of the candidates to be presented to the plenary.

A total of 103 applications met the criteria set out in the call for application when the application files were checked, while 27 were incomplete.

Of these, only 50 applicants qualified and were subject to a morality investigation. From this number, 39 candidates were selected for interview before the plenary session, in order to respect the ethnic equilibrium for the 13 posts to be filled by the three ethnic groups. The candidates were selected in this order : 21 Hutu, 16 Tutsi and 2 Twa.

At the end of the interview for the Hutu category, the 13 candidates elected were Ambassador Kavakure Laurent, Ambassador Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, Abbé Niyonkuru Pascal, Mr Aloys Batungwanayo, to whom were added Sheikh Kajandi Saïdi Abdallah, Mrs Léa Pascasie Nzigamasabo and Pastor Élie Nahimana.

For the Tutsi ethnic group, in addition to Ambassador Budiriganya Stella, Maître Déo Ndikumana, there were also Pastor Ninziza Clément Noah, the Honorable Denise Sindokotse and Madame Alice Nijimbere.

On the Twa side, only Mrs Rukundo Charlotte was retained.

On the sidelines of this activity, the plenary also proceeded to the establishment of the ÇVR Bureau. Thus, the president became Ambassador Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, while his deputy president is Reverend Ninziza Clément Noah and the secretary, Ms. Léa Pascasie Nzigamasabo.

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