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Analysis and adoption of the draft law on the status of non-commissioned members of the Burundian National Defense Force

publie le Saturday 25 June 2022
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

A child of a non-commissioned member of the National Defense Force who is permanently disabled, as confirmed by a medical official, is considered as a minor child in terms of medical care and pharmaceutical products. This is one of the innovations contained in the draft law on the status of non-commissioned members of the Burundian National Defense Force, which was unanimously adopted by the Members of Parliament present at the plenary session on Monday, June 17 2022.

In addition to this advantage, the Minister of National Defense and Veteran Affairs also pointed out some prohibitions for non-commissioned members. Alain Tribert Mutabazi mentioned in particular that even after the retirement of his activities, facts of which he would have knowledge by virtue of his duties and which would have a confidential value by their nature or by the prescriptions of his hierarchical commanders; being in contact with persons likely to use his confidences against the security of the country; contracting an inter-category marriage in the defense and security forces unless one of the two renounces one of these forces; contracting a marriage with a foreigner; and contracting a marriage, making pregnant or becoming pregnant before four (4) years of service in a unit.

What is the fate of those who were implicated in Compulsory Military Service in the past - the plenary wanted to know, before adding that they were assimilated to reservists of the non-commissioned military personnel. This provision does not appear anywhere in the draft law under analysis, the Government envoy concluded.

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