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Oral questions with debate to a member of the Government

publie le Friday 30 September 2022
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

The Government should set up a communal revenue service, as to decentralize the Burundi Revenue Authority, the plenary proposed on Friday September 23, 2022 during the oral questions session with debate to the Minister of Home Affairs, Community Development and Public Security. These questions were formulated at the end of an analysis report carried out by the standing committee on public accounts and finance, economic affairs and planning on the final reports of the performance audit of the following communes: Kayanza, Kirundo, Matongo, Muyinga and Ngozi.
Speaking at the event, Hon. Martin Niteretse said that this concern would be resolved over time with the operationalization of the program budget.

Furthermore, the Minister of Home affairs, Community Development and Public Security is now warning communal administrators who charge taxes at each vehicle checkpoint. Normally, a vehicle transporting goods only pays twice, at loading and unloading.

Nevertheless, he invites the population, through the parliamentarians, to be more vigilant in order to block the way to the ominous speculators. The latter are watching for any harvest of food products and load them into lorries bound for neighboring countries.
While Burundi has a subsistence economy, Hon. Martin Niteretse recommended a change of mentality with the establishment of cooperative societies that produce for export.

Social security arrears are now a matter of the past – the Minister of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security was pleased to say, but also warned communal administrators whose competence is unsuitable, that they will eliminate themselves during the next 2025 electoral polls.

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