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Analysis and adoption of the organic bill amending the organic law N°1/04/20/04/2017 on the mission, organization, instructions, conditions of services and functioning of the National Defense Force of Burundi.

publie le Tuesday 12 April 2022
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

The Reserve and Support Force for the Development of the Country, "FRAD" in acronym and the Special Operations Unit, "SOU" in acronym, such are the few innovations that dictated the modification of the organic law N°1/04 of February 20, 2017 on the mission, organization, instruction, conditions of service and Functioning of the National Defense Force of Burundi.

A bill relating to it was adopted unanimously by the deputies present at the plenary session on Monday, April 11, 2022.
The Standing Committee on Defense and Security was seized with the substance of the bill and stopped at Article 65, 4th indent, which calls for paramilitary training as part of the patriotic framework. It then wanted to know when and for whom this paramilitary training should be organized.
According to the government delegate, this paramilitary training will be organized as soon as the FRAD as the organic law of the FNDB and the decree governing the FRAD as well as the operating budget are available.

And to specify that this paramilitary training will have for end to instill a patriotic spirit to the Burundian youth. They can serve in case of need in the development of the defense and the country’s development. Nevertheless, they are not paid since they are considered as trainees.
In view of the details contained in the organic bill under analysis, it was recommended to reserve this care to the texts of application.

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